The Product

The SKYPATH app presents real-time turbulence conditions along the planned flight route, enabling airline planners and pilots to optimally and economically avoid severe conditions.

The app gathers information regarding turbulence strength from the iPad’s accelerometer and altitude/location from it’s GPS, It transmits this data to the SkyPath servers hosted on the AWS cloud. This data provides vital information for the different altitude layers to all pilots using the system.

Airline pilots are equipped with Electronic Flight Bags (EFB) tablets with which they perform many tasks during flights. By using the Skypath app on their iPads, they become part of the crowdsourcing solution. This enables both pilots and dispatchers to utilize real-time access to turbulence conditions overlaid on geographic world maps supplied over internet networking.

The Team

Zivi Nedivi
co Chairman

Leads the company with over 30 years of executive management experience. Zivi founded and grew a startup to become one of the leading companies in the world in the supply chain of airlines, and went on to lead, grow, and improve technology and industrial companies. Prior to his business career, Mr. Nedivi served as an F-15 fighter pilot in the Israeli Air Force and holds a BA in Business.

Relik Shafir
Co Chairman

Relik is involved with organizational planning and helps the team with strategic direction. He brings 30 years experience as a pilot in IAF and managerial experience as the commander of the largest base in the IAF. Served as our CEO in the last 4 years and was in charge of getting the product from dream to reality while winning our first large commercial agreement. Relik has majored in Mathematics and Philosophy, and is a graduate of the NPS, Ca.

Maya Shpak

In charge on day to day company operational management including product development and customer support. Maya has over twenty years in aviation, and large scale experience in leading various high-end projects and product developments for the commercial industry. Maya is a helicopter pilot and Holds a Bs.c in industrial engineering.

Oran Hampel
Chief innovation officer

Oran is the inventor of SkyPath and is also a senior 787/777 Captain and check pilot with over 15K flight hours. When we test a new SkyPath version, Oran is making sure it’s ready for prime time flight. Prior to ELAL, Oran was a consultant at the Israel Aircraft Industries in the LAVI fighter development program. During his service in the IAF, he was an F-15 pilot . He is also an expert in aviation safety.

Oron Adam

Oron provides management oversight on everything which is technology related. Making sure our service uses the latest and greatest technologies while still being reliable and highly available. He has 20 years industry experience as a Software Architect and CTO in various companies and holds a B.A in computer science.

Guy Zunder
Senior Product Manager

Guy is leading our product development with wide expertise in product management and aviation. Prior to Skypath, he was a Product Manager at Dynamic Yield, a B2B SaaS company (acquired by McDonalds), where he led a portfolio of cutting edge technology products. Guy is an F-15 fighter pilot, holds a BA in IT management and MBA with expertise in Technology, Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Shir Benson
Finance & operations manager

Shir provides finance and operation management. Before joining our team Shir was a senior associate at EY Israel, with experience in finance and accounting across different industries. Shir served in the IDF intelligence core for four years and has a B.A in accounting and economics from Tel Aviv University.

Alex Kovalov
iOS Team Leader

Alex is an expert iOS mobile developer with over 10 years experience under his belt. He has the ability to turn the most beautiful UX designs into working reality. He makes sure the pilots get a polished and smooth user experience while keeping the accuracy and sustained stability of our mission critical app.

Ziv Levi
iOS & Angular Developer

Ziv is an iOS developer / frontend developer, he is experienced in avionics and commercial aviation systems and also an F-15, F-16 fighter pilot. A software designer and engineer. He makes sure our app is super sensitive to any turbulence small or large, while cleaning false positives out of our data stream.
Ziv is a Harvard MC-MPA graduate.

Denys Vasylenko
Full Stack Developer

Denys is a full-stack developer. An expert in Angular as frontend framework and NodeJs for the backend. He also knows how to create complex data lakes and analytic data pipelines on AWS. He makes sure our backend is stable and ready to receive data from 1000's of aircrafts every second.

Danil Kelembet
QA Team Leader

Danil is the QA Team Lead at SkyPAth with over 5 years of commercial experience. Able to perform any type of testing challenge. He & his team makes sure our mobile app and API service is free from bugs and ready to be launched to go to production. Always pays attention to details and likes to solve complex problems.