Real time - real turbulence data!

Improve your safety and operational efficiency with real-time turbulence data

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Tens of thousands of airborne sensors
provide real time accurate turbulence data


Every pilot's ipad is a sensor


Using Aircraft WiFi, data is sent to cloud.


Data meshed, algorithm allocates severity.


Updated turbulence info every minute.

Reduced severe turbulence inspections

With objective, real-time reports. Maintenance can substantiate exact "G" tolerance magnitudes and determine the precise maintenance required thus eliminating unnecessary inspections.

Reduced on-board injuries

Crew and passenger injuries create tangible costs and issues of concern. "Crowd Sourcing" wisdom increase pilot and dispatch awareness enabling efficient turbulence navigation.

Reduced enroute fuel consumption and preflight reserve fueling

Better information leads to better decisions in critical areas where safety is balanced with efficiency. Skypath allows pilots to safely navigate rapidly emerging turbulence situations. Significant costs may be avoided in efficient dispatch routing, loading contingency fuel decisions and reduced inflight altitude adjustments.

Improved planning guidance

The turbulence feedback loop is instantaneous. Mappable smooth-air flyable airspace enables efficient dispatch flight planning.

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